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VSource… demo What is it?

Case study site built with Element 2 of Vsource:

In 2013 I made my living as a full time Niche Marketer. I hit niche market after niche market because it was hugely profitable and dammed easy… So easy – anyone could do it… but it involved Work

Today… well it doesn’t have to
Introducing: The Ultimate Niche/ Broad Income Solution: VSource
VSource is the first complete formula and automation system to rock the Niche Income world…
We’ve taken 3 highly effective and proven elements and combined them into one perfect solution to make generating an income online a simple, rewarding and evergreen process.
…and guess what – the whole thing happens on autopilot while using other people’s products and content

Element #1. VSource Research Module (SaaS)

Unique Research Protocol
Research just became simple… Drop in your keyword and VSource scours Youtube, Daily Motion, Vimeo for popular and trending videos. While digging deeper to unearth the real kicker… Instant free traffic.

Process #1: Hijack Their Traffic
VSource: Delivers broken link notifications to the most popular videos in your niche or any niche you like… find a video with a broken link, check recent traffic… click the domain link and bam – you just hijacked a ton of traffic to send anywhere you like.
Process #2: Exploit Broken Links
Domain not available… no problem. Did you know there are literally thousands of hugely popular videos receiving tons of daily views and yet they are often forgotten about… broken links, dead links even no links – Use VSource to capitalize on this very real traffic source… even when the domain is not available!

Process #3: Reverse Engineer
Want to know why and how that video is so popular… well here you go
Check views, comments, likes, dislikes, published date from the same Tab
Pull the video tags with one click
Scrutinize & Use: Description, Video Age
Add video on dashboard to analyze traffic trends
Recent traffic: Make sure that video is still popular
Refresh / Track feature – check how many likes, views increased from last refresh

And that’s all in Element #1… Yeah that’s just the start

Sure you could simply use our unique VSource cloud based software for bang up to date research on any video or niche you like and you really will struggle to find a better tool to do just that… but we didn’t want to stop there, nope… you see; we’re all about getting our customers results – the kind of results that puts money in their pockets…so take a look at Element #2

Element #2. VSource NicheMatic
You found those popular videos right – now put them to work for you
VSource NicheMatic enables the user to research, scrutinize and curate any video in any niche based on keyword input and filters… (Youtube, Daily motion, vimeo)

Curate, build and monetize entire niche sites without writing a line of content or producing a single video… But wait… this is Not a simple curation tool.

Instant Niche Domination
VSource is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Niche Profit Facilitator
As well as curating VSource NicheMatic enables the user to…
Pull title to use as blog title
Pull and edit title to suite your niche blog (Auto)
Pull and drop tags into blog post (Auto)
Pull Description from video – auto-use as Blog post (Auto)
Pull Description from video – Full editing enabled I.e Change it to suite your Blog post
Pull Video comments and replies – Full editing enabled I.e Change it to suite your Blog post
Edit links – Point them to affiliate offers or your own products
HTML5 layers on videos for Affiliate link, Lead collection, Call to Action
Category wide layers – You can choose different layers, links, CTA, lead collection forms for different categories
Everything works for you… even though you curated it all with a few clicks…
Essentially VSource NicheMatic makes other people’s videos – descriptions – comments work for you… and when somebody clicks a video on your site the video pops up with your specified overlay.

And there’s more…

Element #3: Custom Magazine style Blog theme
The last thing we want to do is leave our customers wondering how to piece everything together… so we built a compatible and customizable pro theme.
Build out Niche site after niche site in minutes.
Used in tandem with our unique plugin videos appear as posts, build categories, related post sliders in fact build a complete niche site and monetize with just a few clicks

VSource: 3 Elements – 1 Product… Research | Curate | Dominate
Research, Curate, Build and Monitize Entire Niche Sites in Minutes without Writing a Line of Content or Producing a Single Video…

Click here to get this amazing software

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  • Hi Mark, can you offer another way of buying VScource except via paypal?

    pfsfighter - 17 months ago

  • Is Vsource a Word Press Plugin ?

    Paul Klanecky - 17 months ago

  • Watch the Launch jacking Vsource video: https://youtu.be/jJsODJofU6I

    Mark Bishop - 18 months ago

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