“Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES” – RANK System, Nuketown 2025 & FARM Map! – (Black Ops Zombie Gameplay)

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Black Ops 2 info – Zombies Rankings, Nuketown 2025 footage & Farm map! :D ● Black Ops 2 – 3D trailer – tinyurl.com ● NEW MW3 LIVE #17 – tinyurl.com Lots of new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 information today! Zombies now has a confirmed RANK system which will be based on how well you do at Zombies. New Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map footage and details on the Farm zombie Survival map! :) • Facebook: facebook.com • Twitter: www.twitter.com • Ali-A Store: ali-a.spreadshirt.com • #AliAapp (iOS): tinyurl.com (Android) tinyurl.com Subscribe for more Black Ops 2 videos! Ali-A — Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES – RANK System, Nuketown 2025 & FARM Map! – (Black Ops Zombie Gameplay) Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES – RANK System, Nuketown 2025 & FARM Map! – (Black Ops Zombie Gameplay) Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES – RANK System, Nuketown 2025 & FARM Map! – (Black Ops Zombie Gameplay)

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vnieves94 says:

This man, is a genius!

aaron westover says:

if you’ve ordered it like anyone in their rightmind get on the nuke town sign you cant die

trainkids says:

Just to let you know, when you shoot off all the heads on Nuketown in the first Black Ops, the song that played was “Sympathy For The Devil” by The Rolling Stones. ;)

kobe24bryant24fan says:

Bring back the hellhounds

RealityHurts923 says:

You think I’m the only one? And you think I care if they care?

RealityHurts923 says:

Yes it will be for download eventually but um like a year later like resurrection.I don’t want to wait till then

RealityHurts923 says:

Nope. They don’t have it on Amazon for PS3

WhiteGoodmanSwag10 says:

@Z0mbcc3r actually it’s not u should give up all hope for it and never play it in your lifetime.

Caden Jackson says:

Black Ops 2 is gonna be amazing cant wait till it comes out

WhiteGoodmanSwag10 says:


Angel Ramirez says:

cant wait intel it comes out bro

Alpacalyptic says:

You think they care for one sale? LOL

xxnoobkiller9xx says:

i love u but i am not gay

younglagx says:

Bro I get the same way. Round 43 I’m like shit nothing left to do. XD

xonatman says:

It was sympathy for the devil by the rolling stones

shadowvssonicful says:

um have you noticed that possibly months later you will be able to buy like they did for rezurrection in black ops has that occured to you at all

UR BONED says:

What would be awesome is if FARM is the farm off the walking dead :3 and the nuketown song was the rolling stones-sympathy to the devil

xXSwiftz says:


Z0mbcc3r says:

amazon, that where im getting it, just ordered yesterday. 4 me it wont come till nov.28-dec5. but hey, better then not getting it t all!

RealityHurts923 says:

Fuck this game! The NukeTown Zombies does not come in the regular version of the game which is ok but you can’t even buy and download it. I just went to game stop and they told me that they sold out of the Hardened Edition so I not gonna bother to buy this game at all. I Snoozed I lose? Naw, I Snooze but YOU lose… on my money bitches!

IamLifty says:

I beat there will be zombie clans out there… just because of the 4vs4 option you have….

Like it :D

ADamPig1 says:

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toddytights says:

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javari campbell says:

wanking system lol

Joel Aguilera says:

Ina Take Zombies WAY More Seriously . .

Thefutra2000 says:

rolling stones bro ._.

doyoushaveful says:


JPMusic177 says:


joi kalli says:

Going to let my brother rank me up in zombies he is 11

Kaleb Cramer says:

I am most likely just going to ignore the ranking system just like in all other call of duty’s i don’t really care about my leaderboard rankings or my k/d.

In10city500 says:

Hey…..somethings different about Nuketown but I just cant get it….

james harrington says:


The3rdStreetSaint1 says:

Id like to know if instead of taking the bus to different parts of transit u could walk instead. id prefer that cus it may have more action!

7ay says:

i’ve been to level 35 solo


publicenvasion15 says:

I’ve been to level 36

xFruitBurst says:

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Scott Boswell says:

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MICAJgaming says:

i always played super serious but i am definitely going to pay attention to who i play with cause i don’t want my rank to decrease due to other peoples screw ups

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